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The team at Solidarity Jiu Jitsu is here to bring a new approach to Jiu Jitsu in San Jose, CA. We genuinely believe in the power of this martial arts for the greater good. So what does that mean? It means building a community, without ego. To ensure that the health, wellbeing and safety of our members is of the upmost priority. It means that we didn’t build a school to put one person on a pedestal and all bow down. Instead, we grow, learn, and train as a whole. This special approach to BJJ instruction means an increased level of camaraderie and an environment where hard work and rapport is paramount to our community’s success.

Want to see for yourself? Come check us out with a free trial and see what we mean. Current BJJ class offerings:


Kids Minnows (5-8 years old)

Youth Sharks (8-13 years old)

Adults/Teens BJJ

Advanced Adults BJJ

Adults Striking 

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If you’re looking to change your life, look no further. At Solidarity Jiu Jitsu, we provide high-quality Jiu-Jitsu education with passionate instructors, a beautiful location, and lessons that last a lifetime.

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About Us

At Solidarity Jiu Jitsu, we are passionate about Jiu Jitsu in San Jose, CA. Our staff cares about the personal development of every single student of ours and works diligently to assist in their journey.

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Special Offers

Here at Solidarity Jiu Jitsu, your success is our first priority. Whether it’s a 2 day FREE trial that will kick-start your passion for martial arts or an event that will help your child come out of their shell, we’ve got you covered!

Why It's Important

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“Jiu jitsu for the greater good” means everyone who steps in this door matters, and we work hard to support one another as we train.

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Training at Solidaritywill help you gain a new level of respect for yourself, your peers, and your instructors.

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With every challenge you overcome and every supportive word you hear, you’ll develop an increased sense of motivation to keep going and pushing through.

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Physical Fitness

The physical benefits of BJJ training are vast: improved balance, endurance, strength, and the ability to defend yourself.

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At Solidarity, we come from diverse backgrounds and welcome students of all backgrounds and walks of life.

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With every step of progress and every challenge you face, you’ll find yourself developing a stronger sense of bravery and ability to stand up for yourself.

Solidarity Jiu Jitsu

How we started!

What do you get when you combine 3 black belts, 1 brown belt, over 60 years of total BJJ experience, and a desire to bring something new to the martial arts community? Solidarity Jiu Jitsu. The founders of Solidarity have a wealth of experience training, competing, and teaching, dating back as far as 2004. And in that time, they have certainly seen their fair share of BJJ schools.

But as time went on, they noticed a common theme amongst many of the BJJ schools that existed: ego.

So many schools were built around one individual. They seemed to focus more on propping up a single person’s name and face instead of focusing on the greater good of the entire student base.

Enter Solidarity. A brand-new BJJ school in San Jose, the Solidarity team is determined to provide a special and unique jiu jitsu training environment to Northern California. Their diverse backgrounds and wealth of knowledge equip them with the ability to provide top-level instruction. But most importantly, their “Jiu jitsu for the greater good” mantra means that every student who walks in the door will be treated with the same respect and attention, regardless of experience.

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Solidarity Jiu Jitsu

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